“Still Standing”

still-standing-poster             “Still Standing, Aging Gracefully and Positively”

GRIOT Circle announces the unveiling of a new HIV initiative focusing on the lives of people of color living with HIV either or at risk. “Still Standing” is an educational project which involves several levels of community information in order to raise awareness of those over 50 living with HIV and the need for prevention and supportive services.  This project is offered as a free workshop to NYC based organizations which provide services to the elder population. This campaign will involve three current participants of GRIOT’s HIV Men over 50 Group who will conduct in-person presentations to medical clinics, community organizations and medical providers in the NYC metro area.


Official Press Release



HIV prevention, education and treatment efforts targeted towards the aging community have long proven to remain insufficient to meet the diverse needs of its members. Similarly, the lack of initiatives targeting the LGBTQ aging community remains bleak, specifically for seniors of color. Yale Medical School experts assert that this year 50% of individuals in the U.S. living with HIV will be over the age of 50.  And while the HIV infection rates for seniors keeps growing, education and prevention still remain insufficient.

“Still Standing” is a free presentation that GRIOT can bring to your organization. The workshop involves a presentation by the elders representing the project, a Q&A discussion, and information as it relates to your clients, HIV and aging. As a result of this workshop, your members will  a) become more aware of the circumstances affecting LGBTQ elders of color infected with HIV b) have a better understanding what the barriers to quality care are and c) will be more informed about the resources in their specific communities in relation to prevention, testing and care.

  • The intent of this project is to use the diverse personal stories of GRIOT’s elders living with HIV as an educational framework with which to dis­cuss the unique mental and medical challenges presented by the disease.                                                    still-standing-email
  • The purpose of this project is to: promote the importance of access to quality HIV care, highlight the unique medical challenges that managing the disease and chronic illnesses uniquely present to the aging process, destigmatize the shame surrounding disclosure and discuss the many barriers that exist as it relates to the elderly population and HIV testing and care.

To schedule a presentation or to learn more please contact me at  718-246-2775, or via email at Aundaray@griotcircle.org

Official “Still Standing” video