GRIOT Circle Community Trainings


GRIOT Circle offers three trainings designed to create greater awareness of issues affecting LGBTQ elders of color. In addition to a newly
formatted resiliency workshop intended for both professional and community settings, these trainings will help meet the needs of organizations
looking to enhance their understanding of how to best serve LGBTQ seniors.

To learn more about each individual training or to schedule a presentation for your
organization, contact Alex Chandra at

Click here to download GRIOT’s community training brochure

Click here to view or download the HIV and Sexual Health Guide which accompanies the “Still Standing” and “Joy Of Intimacy” Workshops

The current trainings are:


This workshop promotes education, prevention,
and the importance of access to quality
care as it relates to HIV/AIDS. It uses the
personal stories of members of GRIOT’s HIV
men’s support group to highlight the unique
medical challenges of the disease for aging
populations. In addition, it destigmatizes the
shame surrounding disclosure and the many
barriers that exist for the elderly population
around HIV testing and care.


                                                                                            This workshop addresses overall sexual health
 among seniors. GRIOT Circle members discuss
the stigma and barriers attached to aging
and sex. They share information on safe sex
practices and the resources available to help
prevent and treat HIV, hepatitis, and sexually
transmitted diseases.



This workshop focuses on the strengths
that this chronically marginalized community
possesses, and the projects that were created
to tap into their historic resiliency in order
to cultivate them as leaders to create change.
These leadership development opportunities,
using a social justice and racial equality lens,
allows members to create change in their
lives, communities, as well as the larger LGBTQ movement.

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