GRIOT Circle’s shutdown plan due to COVID-19

GRIOT Circle's shutdown plan due to COVID-19

GRIOT Circle has made the difficult decision to close due to the coronavirus. We didn't make this decision lightly but did so in the interest of our community’s health and wellness, which is our top priority. In-person operations are suspended and the office will remain closed indefinitely. All events, meetings, and programs are canceled until GRIOT resumes regular operations.

This is a challenging and stressful time for all New Yorkers, and GRIOT Circle staff will work remotely during our closure. In an effort to continue to serve LGBTQ+ older adults, GRIOT will :

*Call members weekly to check on their well-being.

*Coordinate with an existing case manager to continue to provide resources. While our efforts are to promote social distancing, we will be providing our members with connectedness via tele-programming opportunities. Activities such as our women’s support group, men’s sexual health support group, and others will happen via group phone calls.

*Most importantly, members can call GRIOT anytime to leave a message. GRIOT staff will access voicemail daily and return all calls.

We apologize for this unavoidable disruption, particularly to those who depend on us most. Please know that we are doing everything in our power to ensure that you can connect with us remotely as we navigate this uncertain situation together, as the strong and resilient community that we are.