Community Training

Community Trainings

                Currently this training is on pause

Still Standing:
Aging Gracefully and Positively

This initiative was created by GRIOT because 50% of individuals in the U.S. that are HIV positive are over the age of 50.

The Still Standing program uses the personal stories (contracting HIV, living with the disease as men of color and aging within a culture that suppresses and devalues the strength of their voices and experience) of members of our HIV support group as an educational framework to bring attention to the struggles that individuals face who were diagnosed as adults and are long terms survivors.

Three core members of the HIV men’s group have been trained in public speaking and travel throughout the NYC speaking to church groups, senior centers and community organizations about the experiences and challenges of living with HIV as they age.

This program is funded by AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF)

               Currently this training is on pause

Using the Strengths and Resiliency of LGBTQ
Elders of Color to Create Change

GRIOT staff and elder members will discuss the programs and services that they have in place to tackle these issues, but will also talk about the strengths that this chronically marginalized community possesses and the projects that were created that tap into their historic resiliency in order to cultivate leaders and create change.

This presentation will focus on the robust and innovative initiatives and leadership development opportunities that have been created for and with GRIOT members.  These opportunities, created through a social justice and racial equality lens, allow members to tap into their strengths and historic resiliency in order to create change in their lives, communities, the rainbow movement and within the organization. 


LGBTQ (101) Elders of Color

This training discuses uses the intersections of race, ethnicity, gender, age, and social economic status to educate participants and increase their competencies when thinking about, and working with, LGBTQ elders of color.  Anchoring New York City’s history of oppression from the 1940’s to today, this presentation includes challenges, issues, and the resiliency that LGBTQ elders of color have – and continue to face – in health, housing, employment, and other institutions. Strategies and tools are also provided in order to support, advocate, and provide quality services to LGBTQ elders of color.


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