Veronica Momjian


Veronica Momjian-Kapnick, Ph.D

Veronica Momjian is the Director of Learning and Evaluation at  With over nine years experience in the non-profit and government sectors, Veronica works to develop and implement rigorous and intentional research, monitoring and evaluation strategies and activities to gauge the impact and efficacy of Encore’s work, with an eye towards organizational and programmatic sustainability and development. Veronica specializes in applied research, and received her Doctorate in sociology in June 2016 from the City University of New York.  Veronica’s dissertation examined the relationship between religious coping strategies and economic insecurity, and asked, “Do people turn to religion in the face of hardship?”

Throughout her career Veronica has spearheaded several multi-year evaluations, both domestic and international, in the areas of public health, emergency response, financial inclusion and youth development, and has conducted several research studies around financial literacy and employment services for low-income families and individuals – evaluating the impact of a variety of initiatives and interventions on the constituents they serve, and exploring motivations for participation and program retention.

Veronica lives in New York City and enjoys outdoor adventuring, including hiking, canyoneering and camping throughout New York’s many nature reserves.  A former collegiate athlete, Veronica continues to play soccer in New York City’s Women’s Metropolitan Soccer League, and is a barbell and kettlebell fanatic. When Veronica isn’t working or working out, she enjoys getting lost in the hustle-and-bustle of New York City, looking for gems and stones, and other new-age artifacts, and spending time with friends and family.