Agency at a Glance

Agency At A Glance

GRI.OT(/gre-ot, gre'o, gre'ot/)

A storyteller in western Africa who perpetuates the oral tradition and history of their village or family. The acronym GRIOT stands for Gay Reunion In Our Time. The two together symbolize the heart and soul of our organizational “home.”

Our Mission

GRIOT Circle is a community-based, multigenerational organization serving LGBTQ elders of color.  Our mission is to respond to and eliminate all forms of oppression, including: ageism, racism, sexism, misogyny, transphobia, homophobia, poverty, xenophobia, and their intersections. We achieve this by providing health, wellness, advocacy, and leadership activities to remove isolation and fear, build community, as well as honor racial and ethnic traditions.

Our Story

GRIOT (Gay Reunion In Our Time) Circle was founded as an informal gathering of elders and was officially recognized as a nonprofit 501(c) (3) in 1996. GRIOT Circle remains the only organization exclusively dedicated to serving the needs of elder LGBTQ people of color.

Key Demographics​

of all GRIOT members are from low income households
of GRIOT members are retired and live on fixed incomes
Number of members over the age of 50 that GRIOT
is currently serving.

How We Identify

  • Female
  • Male

Cultural Backgrounds

  • Black, African-American, Caribbean-American
  • Latino/a, White, & Other

Where We Live

  • East New York, Crown Heights, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Fort Greene, Flatbush, and Red Hook
  • Harlem, Queens & The Bronx

Core Programs & Services

Case Management

GRIOT offers on site case-management, advocacy and referral services.

Lunch Program

Our lunch program is offered two days a week (Tues-Thurs) at our Brooklyn location.


Reduce isolation and enhance social and educational opportunities by partnering with other trusted members.

Health & Wellness Programs

Our daily activities and educational opportunities are designed to build upon the skills, knowledge, and unique abilities of our members

Friendly Visitor

Friendly visiting is a program that matches seniors with volunteers who make regular visits in seniors’ homes.

Other GRIOT Programs:

  • Men over 50 HIV Support Group

  • Women's Support Group

  • Trans Social

  • Spanish 101

  • Weekly Wood Carving Class

  • Weekly Book Club

  • Nutritional Education

  • Health Management

  • Tai-Chi