Vision & Values


All LGBTQ elders of color experiencing a just and abundant quality of life.

Our Core Values


An essential part of life that contributes to the building of friendship, companionship, family, support, and the celebration of our lives and survival; as well as creates avenues for collaboration with agencies and partners focused on using resources in a complementary manner.


GRIOT supports our members in living a better life through creating life-long opportunities for learning, growing, and sharing their individual life experiences.


Recognizing that there is no one “safe” space for all, GRIOT works to foster a physically and emotionally safe environment in all aspects of our programming.


Intrinsic to GRIOT's programming and advocacy with and on behalf of all of our constituencies.


Each person's humanity, history, traditions, experiences, and privacy is valued and encouraged.


GRIOT is committed to responsible, honest, transparent, ethical and accountable management.


GRIOT strives to establish a culture of accountability, growth, and excellence among staff, volunteers, and board members.


Since 1996, GRIOT Circle has provided a welcoming space, culturally sensitive services,
and member-centered programming that affirm the lives of LGBTQ elders of color.
Much of this is made possible because of our generous supporters.